Find interesting locations all around the globe

PHP Laravel PostgreSQL PostGIS Google Vision

This was a project developed during the last semester of HTL. The goal was to create a platform where people can share their secret or not so secret travel spots with others. The project was developed in a team of 4 people. I was responsible for the backend and database part.



As I was responsible for the backend, I decided to use the PHP framework Laravel. As a database I used PostgreSQL. This project was my first encounter with Test-Driven-Development with PHPUnit, which was a bit of a challenge.

The project had quite a few geolocation requirements, which I solved with the help of the PostGIS extension for PostgreSQL. We also made a similarity analysis of the locations for recommendations, which was done with the help of the pg_trgm extension for PostgreSQL.

Last but not least, we also used the Google Vision API to automatically tag and possibly locate the images uploaded by the users.

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