A new take on the Trolley problem with added time pressure


You are probably aware of the Trolley problem, the thought experiment in ethics and psychology, where a person has to sacrifice either one or the other side on the trolley tracks.

FastTrack is built around this idea in a more “playful” way with the addition of time pressure to make it to the next station on time.



The objective of this game is to drive the train as far as possible before the countdown reaches zero. The player has control over accelerating, braking, and changing the direction of the train.

Along the tracks, between two stations, there are switches that divide the track into two or three parallel paths. Each of these paths is accompanied by random obstacles such as a fog waft, tree trunks, or a power outage. Colliding with tree trunks has an additional effect of causing people to be loudly thrown off the train and the camera shaking. The player must navigate these obstacles or choose the lesser of two (or three) evils.

Additionally, the player must stop at stations to allow passengers to get on and off the train. Each station adds time to the countdown based on the number of passengers who have exited, the accuracy of the player’s stopping, and the number of stations already visited. The final score, when the countdown reaches zero, is determined by the distance the train has traveled in meters.


The game is controlled with WASD:
W: Throttle
S: Brake
A: Lever Left
D: Lever Right

Putting the lever to the left or right sets the direction the train takes on the next switch. (If the train arrives at a double switch and no direction is chosen, a random one is picked)


All assets where made by me with either Figma or (mostly) the pixelart webapp Piskel. Music and sounds are from The font used throughout the project was “8 Bit Wonder” by Joiro Hatgaya

Download the Game - Windows x64

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